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    Room Additions
    design your space

    When you run out of space and your family is out-growing your home, consider adding a room or two. This option can be very practical, especially if you love your location, your neighbors, your kids’ schools. The reasons can be very compelling for staying put and making your house larger. Ask us about this alternative to buying a bigger house.


    from floor to ceiling

    When you decide to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or your entire house, Rory Fox Construction is the choice to make. We will complete your project on schedule and budget. Make your home all you want it to be with kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home remodeling or a home renovation. Cabinet refacing can be a less costly way to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom and change the look and feel of a living space. Replace countertops to get a contemporary look to that tired old kitchen. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to make things look new. Painting is an underestimated method of giving a whole new look to any room in the house. We can put a modern finish on old cabinets and make them look brand new! Replace floor tile, install hardwood floors or put down new carpet to liven up any area. Install new molding to add flair to all rooms in your house. Crown molding can add class to an otherwise drab old room.


    Cabinetry & Repairs
    custom work

    We can repair anything… almost. Call us if you need to fix things up. A little fixin’ or a lot, don’t hesitate to call today. Repair and repaint walls and ceilings, refinish hardwood floors, tile and grout repair, doors or windows don’t open and close right?... no problem, we can make em’ like new again. Repairing and maintaining your house can save thousands of dollars, short and long term.

    your color... your way...

    Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint. The effectiveness of new paint is generally underrated. Years of aging can be stripped away quickly and and a beautiful new house can emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. The right choice of colors and a professional application can work minor miracles on your home. LET’S DO IT! CALL NOW!

    Tile | Stone | Concrete
    floor, wall, ceiling ... indoors or out!

    High quality tile and stone work is a trademark for Rory Fox Construction. Tile and Stone have a big impact on home value and esthetic appeal. These natural materials will give your home a sense of solidity and warmth that will be appreciated by everyone. The use of stone and tile in homes has been on the rise for many years and the variety of material available today is amazing. We can help you upgrade your home today and give you a result that will please you for years to come. Call us today!

    Foreclosure Rehab
    get it MARKET READY fast!

    Need an economical facelift for a quick turnover? Maybe you want to do a comprehensive overhaul to get top dollar for that foreclosure. Get a good on a house and want to make it ready for move-in? Any of these scenarios are situations that we can help you with. Affordable repairs will give you the ability to move-it on the market or move-in right away. Drywall repair, patch and paint, carpet replacement, fix doors and windows, roof repair, HVAC, plumbing problems… LET US HELP.




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